How to setup your wiper die

1. Firmly clamp a section of tube in the machine, using the clamp die, bend die and pressure die.

2. Ensure that the pressure die and clamp die are both fully locked out, in the "ON" positions.

3. Position the wiper die against the tube, and start to slide it along the tube towards the bend die. Once you feel some resistance, give the wiper die a gentle tap to firmly seat it against the bend die. Do not apply excessive force, as you can break the wiper die tip.

4. Pull the rear end of the wiper die away from the tube, so that you have a rake angle of approximately 1 degree. This takes some of the pressure off the die, meaning that only the front tip of the wiper die is working hard to smooth out the bend.

5. Fix the wiper die in position using it’s mounting bracket. Ensure that there will be no collisions between the die and the rest of the tooling, when bending the desired angle. This is particularly relevant on jobs where you are doing bends approaching 180 degrees.

6. Unclamp the tube from tooling assembly, and check the position of the wiper die. If you carefully run a finger along the bend die, where the wiper die joins the bend die, a pronounced edge/lip should not be felt. Be careful during this step, as the tip of a wiper die can be extremely sharp.